Filmato realizzato per Ruptly agenzia di Berlino

A field hospital was set up on a military ground in Piacenza, which from Sunday onwards will be able to welcome 40 coronavirus patients showing “mild” symptoms. Footage filmed on Friday shows the field hospital, which was reportedly build in 72 hours, with tents, as well as soldiers working on the ground. “The 40 beds that we are organising will be necessary to lighten the load on Piacenza’s hospital,” explained General Sergio Santamaria. “This load lightening will allow us to have a little more room for manoeuvre both in the city and the province of Piacenza but we are not yet at the limit. This is very important to say because there absolutely isn’t an imminent situation regarding the collapse of the healthcare structure,” he added. Italy remains the country in Europe with the most confirmed cases, of coronavirus, currently totalling over 47,000. Furthermore, it is now also the country with the most deaths worldwide, with over 4,000 Italian residents who have lost their lives.